League of Legends is All Set to Get Bigger with the Release of Its Mobile Version

The pioneers of League of Legends i.e. Riot Games celebrated the 10th birthday of the series in spectacular grandeur. What drew the attention of the public was the plethora of announcements related to the latest inclusion to the franchise, which includes a fighting game, an anime, shooter hero, and a series of documentary.

The Buzz surrounding the Wild Rift

This release is an essentially console and mobile version of the vastly popular PC game i.e. League of Legends: Wild Rift. With an impressive player base of more than 1 billion gamers as of late 2019, the League is getting bigger.  

We bring exclusive coverage of the League of Legends’ that beginners and seasoned players will find beneficial.   

Is the Wild Rift just a copy of the LoL i.e. League Of Legends

You cannot say it is an exact copy. There are similarities in the gameplay that League fans will quickly notice but they have been modulated with an elegant touch of innovation. For instance, the time limit for matches is certainly shorter in comparison to its PC counterparts lasting for 15 to 20 minutes in length.  Wild Rift smartly inducts a new map with subtle adjustments in the scheme of controls for making room for touchscreens, and dual-stick console controllers. 

Michael Chow executive producer made it clear that the game Wild Rift is in no way a part of an extension of its PC counterpart.  He explained that it was crucial to make the game from scratch only to get the game right.

Release Date of Wild Rift

It is only anticipated that the first version of the Wild Rift will hit the market in 2020, as Riot has not made any official statement related to its release date. Gamers expect that the Android and iOS versions will arrive first in the first few months of the year. Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 will be getting their version of Wild Rift in the latter part of 2020.

Pre-Registering for League of Legends: Wild Rift

Pre-Registration of Wild Rift League of Legends is only available for the users of Android mobile. There has been no announcement as to when the registration for the Apple Store will commence.  If you are an ardent fan of the League of Legends then it makes sense to pre-register at the earliest, as you will have the chance to give your feedback and suggestions to the developers in the course of Beta and Alpha Testing.

What has convinced Riot to make console and mobile version of the League of Legends? 

Executive Producer Michael Chow made it clear that the marquee League experience can get daunting for several players to make a place in their daily schedule. Moreover, the PC game may prove to be difficult and complex for new players considering its depth.  Hence, in the endeavor to attract more players and satisfy the adrenaline rush of passionate players Riot has embarked on releasing the mobile version, which will let gamers share it in their circle or carry it along wherever they go.

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