What Can You Know About Wild Rift –The League of Legends?

Even if you are not an ardent fan of sports, still as a gamer it is quite possible that you are familiar with the name League Of Legends. Nevertheless, in the history of video games and in the gaming industry itself it has been one of the bumper hits with more than one billion players as of 2019. It is only one of the few games that can boast of its $6 million prize pool for its biggest events exclusively. Irrespective of the massive fan following and the stupendous success that the game has received in the competitive scene there are several area where the franchise of the game is yet to venture. It may be hard to belief, but the game is still short of reaching its full potential.

As a measure to fix this drawback, Riot Games announced the coming of League Of Legends: Wild Rift. It will be a new game built from the scratch, which is intended for both mobile gaming market and the console.  In the early part of 2020, the mobile version is expected to hit the market closely followed by the console version. The option of early pre-registration is already open in Google Play Store.  The game is expected to crack the iOS market but till now there is no option for early registration provided in Apple Store.

So what is in store for the gamers in the new version of the League of Legends? Gamers all over the world have been promised of a unique experience and Riot Games has primarily focused to capitalize on the strengths of mobile devices and gaming consoles.

What RIOT Games have confirmed?

There will be a minimum of forty champions to start-off things. Fan favorites like Twisted Fate, Annie, Nami, Jinx, and Garenhave been confirmed to be inducted in the launch rooster. Riot Games has confirmed the presence of free-to-play model on Wild Rift.  Moreover, it has affirmed that all the gamers can earn access to all the champions for free as they begin to complete the gameplay.  The Wild Rift will be more rewarding for the seasoned players of League of Legends as they can earn more rewards.

The game will feature a Ranked Mode. There will be unique rewards for ranked mode including those that climb to the top.

What you as a gamer should expect from Wild Rift?

Gamers all over the world loves to have a polished, smooth, and responsive control.  Hence, Wild Rift should have in its offering controls that are extensively tested such that they are not only responsive but extremely satisfying to use.

A detailed game tutorial

The absence of in-game information, on how to properly play the can be a cause of frustration for veterans and new players alike.  The presence of an in-game tutorial is what all-successful mobile games feature and being a gamer-centric company Riot Games will surely not miss out in this.  The tutorial needs to throw light on the best champions and the common strategies to play in certain situations.

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